Management Team


Miquel Vila-Perelló, PhD

Miquel co-founded ProteoDesign and serves as CEO-CSO. Miquel has broad experience in biotechnology, chemical biology and protein chemistry as well as in the managing of research teams and projects. After obtaining his PhD at the University of Barcelona he carried out postdoctoral studies at The Rockefeller University. He later became a Research Scholar at Princeton University, where he managed the Protein Center at the Department of Chemistry. Over the last ten years he has contributed to the discovery and development of novel protein ligation technologies. He has authored more than 23 publications, including patent applications, and has a proven track record for the leadership of scientific teams and non-dilutive fund raising.
Co-Founder · CTO/COO

Silvia Frutos, PhD

Silvia co-founded ProteoDesign and serves as CTO/COO. Silvia has broad experience in chemical biology, protein chemistry as well as peptide synthesis. She carried out her PhD at the Barcelona Science Park. After that she moved to New York to carry out her postdoctoral studies at The Rockefeller University. Over the last ten years she has contributed to understand the mechanism of the inteins, which are essential in our protein ligation technology. Also Silvia brings deep scientific expertise and an intimate knowledge of European bioclusters.
Director, Business Development

Gerard Caelles

Gerard joined ProteoDesign in 2016 as the responsible for Business Development operations. Prior to joining ProteoDesign, Gerard served as the Business Development Manager at Bionure, where he was focused on business development and partnering around the company’s novel candidate in the orphan neuro-ophthalmology space, as well as on fundraising efforts. Gerard holds a BSc in Biotechnology from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and has been studying Mandarin Chinese for four years.